Look who got evicted this week?

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This week Salman showed the housemates their Blonde avtaars on screen which was quite amusing. In fact, not only that but how the housemates turn the garden area into a beach was also shown through a video which had everyone in splits. Especially to see show how they doze off under pretence of having a sun bath! They all seemed to forget about the tension of eviction for a moment.

How can I forget to mention how Salman and Sonakshi sizzled on stage dancing on their famous flick. I wished if it went on!


As Salman reviewed the App Task of the week, he looked genuinely interested in knowing what made Renee so adamant in not helping out Karishma. Also to put Puneet in tizzy, Salman disclosed that Puneet’s wife was there outside the house while the App task was on. Puneet couldn’t believe this and got extremely emotional but tried controlling. Through all of these Salman wanted to make Renee and other housemates realize that  just because of the lack of the team work, some of them were deprived to meet their loved ones. Puneet raised an objection saying that housemates were meant to bear all the brunt emotionally and physically but why had their familes and loved ones involved in to suffer like that, especially pointing out to Karishma’s mother, who was there in the confession room.To this Salman gave them a good reasoning which put them all in sigh.


Task named ‘Sach ki battery’ played with a few housemates wherein Salman had a battery, the percentage of which would go up as the housemate answered the truth whereas if he or she answered the answer with false would drain the battery by a few percentage.There were few people, who were cent percent truthful and some very close to it. Who was the biggest jhootha, can you guess?


Okay! Going back to eviction? Praneet, Renee and Black Mamba ‘aka’ Sonali were in bottom three. Salman did not play any eviction suspense game. This time he just announced the name.


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