LOL! Upen doesn't want to go home now, shows desperation

posted by Admin, last updated on December 19th, 2014 at 2:20 pm

I have noticed Upen getting bolder by the week. At least, for past few days he has started predicting things for himself and his friends.Which friend? well, 'Krrrishmaa' for now! *


Upen sat shouting slogans in a very sing-a-song way, “Nahi jaayenge Nahi jaayenge Upen Krrrishmaa nahi jaayenge,” in context of the coming weekend ka vaar. Upen was pretty convinced that at least these two buddies aren’t going home this weekend. My dear Upen, last when you had a spat with Gauti you said things like “I don’t want to be in this house anymore. I give a damn to everyone and everything in this house”? Looks like you are over it, eh? Wonder what’s the reason behind such desperation to stay back now!


Upen also stated KT “Main iss baar ghar se bahar nahi jaaunga, abhi toh asli game shuru hua hai” Oh! so you accept that its not just P3G but you too, who is playing the game in this house, right? Let me remind you what he had said a few weeks back “I am an honest guy, I am not here to play dirty game like these people” such contradictory statements Karishma’s Oopiii?


Let’s hope the right person leaves the house! 


Over ‘n’ Out


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