Lol! Ali chose Sonali as his competitor in the captainship challenge!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 26th, 2014 at 12:45 pm

An announcement declared Sonali’s captaincy over! Bigg Boss stated that the confession room was open for next few minutes and whoever felt was the one willing to become the captain, tell this to Bigg Boss openly. Funniest part was Ali didnt even hear the whole message and hurriedly entered the confession room and told Bigg Boss “Bigg Boss main captainship ke liye apna naam deta hun” and even Bigg Boss couldn’t help but said “Kaafi jaldi hai aapko” How desperate are you Ali quli? *Lol* Just a few seconds later I noticed Gautam following him too but alas! the confession room was closed.


Inside the confession room, Bigg Boss told Ali that since he was the first contender already, whom would he want as the second competitor to fight against him? Ali, without even wasting a moment, gave out Sonali’s name. Ali was smart enough as he  knew that she was the weakest of all the housemates. How are you so sure Ali?

Bigg Boss askes Ali to disperse and wait until the next orders came. So, as he came out and told everyone about his upcoming competition with Sonali for the same. What will be the task? What will happen if Sonali becomes the captain again? Oh God!


Let’s wait ‘n’ watch


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