Little Chakor Takes On Gandhigiri #Udann

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After she had broken all the shackles and thought that she would not face any more hurdles in her race to get education for the village children, guess what? Destiny had other plans. Ranjhana took away all the supplies that she provided the villagers, which were to be used for their children. Imli and other villagers ask Chakor to demand the same from Bhaiyaji but as we all now know Chakor and the fighting spirit that she has within her is humongous. She decides to produce the supply herself with the help of other villagers and putting everything at stake, the villagers and Chakor produce their own supplies needed for school. It was to be the best day of Chakor’s life and also the villagers as all the children were ready to enter the school premises for their bright future. But, once again fate decided to play against Chakor as the school gates were shut on their faces.

Bhaiyaji once again played the evil game and asked all the villagers to pay the school fees if they want to study in the school. Chakor is shocked and stunned by Bhaiyaji’s backstabbing act. She now understands that all this was just a game plan to win the elections.  But she is in a helpless situation as she has been betrayed by Bhaiyaji’s foul play. Even the promises that looked real was broken still Chakor’s never giving up attitude is not leeting her give up and she still promises everyone that she will make sure that the villagers get whatever they were promised. Chakor decides to take on 'Gandhigiri' and goes on a ‘satyagrah’. Very unwaveringly she sits at the 'Daak Baba' chabutara declaring she will sit on an anshaan till her plea is heard and the villagers get what they were promised. Little Chakor like everytime decides to fight for the right all alone and this time it’s not only for herself but for the whole village.

Will Chakor’s satyagrah be successful? Will the villagers get what they were promised? Will all the children go to school and get education?  To know what happens keep watching Udann only on Colors!

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