Life is being tough on Saumya and Harman on Shakti!

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Saumya and Harman’s love has seen many ups and downs. After Harman saved Saumya and returned home, they were welcomed by the news of sad demise of Saumya’s mother. That breaks both, Saumya and Surbhi. Harman, unable to detach himself from Saumya, decides to take her back to his house. Obviously, Preeto, Harak and rest of the family is completely against this.






Preeto tries to throw Saumya out of the house but sees no success. Eventually, she comes up with a plan and asks Saumya to convince Harman and Surbhi to get married to each other. A shocked Saumya attempts to speak to both, Harman and Surbhi, her younger sister, but cannot muster up courage to bring up the topic of their marriage.






This week, Saumya finally tells Preeto that she won’t be able to get Harman and Surbhi married and that she prefers to leave their house forever. She sets off on her further life journey leaving behind a note for Harman. She urges him to not come after looking for her. Hurt, Harman resolves that he would not go to find her.




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Will Harman really let Saumya go out of his life? Or will destiny bring them in front of each other once again? Stay tuned to Shakti, Mon- Fri at 8.00PM!

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