Lack of Sleep makes it even more challenging for Khiladis #KKK6

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 6th, 2015 at 6:21 pm

Theme for this week is 'Insomnia', where we will see the contestants sleep deprived for 24 hours and then performing stunts the very next day! Just imagine how tough this sounds. We will see the opening of the episode with someone telling 'Jaagte Raho' , where even a quick nap is dangerous. But our tough Khiladis managed to spend the whole night trying extremely hard to stay awake.

Next morning as Rohit Shetty says 'Hello' to them, they all just rush to express how badly they are in need for some sleep if not much. Rohit Shetty acts funny by acting like one of those journalists asking back to back questions about how desperately they all need beds and pillows. And then immediately announces the first task they are supposed to do.

In the state of Insomnia, this Saturday we will see them performing some more dangerous stunts like hanging on a rig which is rotating at quite height followed by more tasks like that of the Car stunt which is so risky that it makes them all forget about the drowsiness.

Wondering how it all happened? Well, don't miss the 'Sleepless in Cape Town' chapter of KKK 6 this Saturday!

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