Kusum Tries To Create A Rift Between Devanshi & Vardaan

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on May 30th, 2017 at 6:06 pm

Devanshi has been trying to keep her faith in Maiyya strong and keep the villagers trust by fasting. Vardaan did not like the idea of it and tried to make her give up which caused stress between the two. Kusum saw the perfect opportunity amidst all this to try to separate the two and continue her scheming against Devanshi through the use of Menka. Vardaan eventually gave up convincing Devanshi and decided to fast as well.



Kusum is still adamant on destroying Devanshi’s life and using Menka as her tool is her current plan of action to end Devanshi-Vardaan’s relationship. Devanshi on the other hand, is torn between her duty as a wife and as a maata. In the coming episodes, we will see Devanshi trying to prioritize her role as a wife over being a maata. Kusum will orchestrate a plan to create a rift between Devanshi & Vardaan by using Menka which ends up with Devanshi coming across a shocking sight.



Devanshi’s attempt to cause a divine intervention and bring rain down upon Jwalapuri brings surprising results. Nutan tries to end things between Golu and Menka but an untimely intervention by someone stops that from happening which keeps Kusum’s plans in motion. Kusum goes forward with her ultimate plan to destroy Devanshi & Vardaan’s relationship.



Will Kusum be able to succeed in her plan? Will Devanshi overcome this as well and continue to live a happy life with Vardaan?



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