KT says she is emotional but pretty guarded!

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So Upen and Karishma were all lovey-dovey near the washroom area and as Upen cuddled his lady love and asked why was she breaking down so often these days? She replied saying that because she was quite emotional by nature but at the same time guarded too. KT confessed that she was easily getting hurt these days after taking everyone's harsh opinion. She said that she had a breaking point like any normal human after certain amount of suffering. Just then Dimpy walked in and Upen said - "Aa gayi humaari emotional roller coaster!"


But just a few moments before this episode, Ali was seen talking to Sambhavna and Dimpy about Karishma's boyfriend outside and with the statement that KT gave this morning, he felt disappointed and unhappy for him. He said that was unfair for the person who didn't get any chance to talk before the lady took the decision.


Coming back to the task that was going on, every one joked about the amount that was being offered after winning the task and Karishma, Upen and Sambhavna discussed how they can have a deal to share the amount. When they asked Gautam jokingly if they would have a money deal, Gautam shrugged off saying he wanted only to focus on the game until it went on. He wasn't interested in any kind of deals and the task for money wasn't a good idea! He ended up saying he wanted to give it all to task with full honesty and then see who won in the end!


Who do you think will be able take all this torture?


Well as Gautam says, 'Issey kehte hain torture torture!'  *khi khi khi*




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