KT says Gautam is a classic example of Hypocrisy!

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Rahul and Gautam have never been ‘Chaddi-buddies’ but their meeting a couple of times earlier has resulted in a rapport. Even the two in the show have been seen being very friendly, in fact, during the Bigg Boss party Gautam had invited Rahul from his side. But today, an unpleasant incident changed their friendship.

Rahul and Gautam were talking in the garden when Rahul said something about Gautam, which the latter didn’t like. Gautam, who was in fun mood until then was heard saying he could take jokes only to a certain point and he wouldn’t let anybody cross the line when it came to something too personal or spoke of his own character. Apparently, Rahul said something which questioned his character and Gautam lost his cool. In no moment Gautam asked Rahul not to involve himself into things, which would hamper his image for no reason. Although, Rahul took his words back and the two hugged each other. Rahul was seen going to Dimpy and Karishma later just to bitch about Gautam. By then, Rahul was equally miffed with Gautam’s stern response and the reactions which worked against him. As Rahul complained about Gautam, Karishma added how people in house have been tolerating him since three months! She said that he had a tendency to go off track. Dimpy added saying that he speaks about respecting elders when he himself doesn’t respect other members in house, who are elder to him by a year or two. Dimpy said “Gautam nakli hai.” She said that he is always rude to talk to. Rahul made a comment saying “Agar janta issey jeetwaayegi toh bohot galat hoga, yeh bohot bada fraud hai, log isska assli chehra jaante nahi hain aur wo log isspe believe kar rahe hain”.


What does the janta has to say? Is there some other truth about Gautam’s real face? Who is right?


Watch the inside scoops in tonight’s episode!


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