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Sunday night’s episode of Rising Star delivered another exciting display of talent as the remaining 8 contestants engaged in a clash of melodies to stay in the competition. The new concept, where the singer with the lowest percentage of the night remains seated on the red chair and is eventually eliminated has added another layer of tension to the show, which had us glued to our seats in hopes to not see our favourite singers get evicted.


The competition is getting extremely fierce as witnessed this weekend, and only the best ones who manage stay at the top of their game can continue their journey. We had some really fantastic performances last night and an unfortunate but necessary elimination.


Here’s how it all unfolded –


Afsana Khan


Afsana Khan, our powerhouse performer started the night with another spectacular performance as she sang ‘Ghani Bawri’ and received 92% of votes.


Vikram Jeet Singh


Next came everyone’s beloved, Vikram Jeet Singh who was just able to cross the target set by Afsana Khan as he received 93% of votes. He beautifully sang ‘Saiyyan’ and won everyone’s hearts again. Afsana had to remain seated on the red chair, as a result.


Ankita Kundu


Ankita Kundu had to get more than 92% to proceed to the safe zone. She sang ‘Maar Dala’. The experts loved her performance but she fell just short of the target as she received 90% of votes which meant she had to replace Afsana Khan and sit on the red chair.


Diljot Qawwali Group


Diljot Qawwali Group needed to beat the new target set by Ankita Kundu, and get more than 90% to be safe. The group sang ‘Baawre/Aaya Tere Dar Pe’ and managed to get 88% of votes. Since they could not cross the 90% mark, Ankita was safe and they had to replace her to sit on the red chair.


Jidnesh Vaze


Next up was Jidnesh Vaze, who needed to score more than 88% to proceed to the safe zone. He wowed everyone with his performance as he sang ‘Jhingat’ and ended up getting 88% of votes which resulted in him being tied with Diljot Qawwali Group. The decimal difference had to be counted to see who was ahead by a small margin. Diljot Qawwali Group received 88.75% votes which was higher than Jidnesh’s 88.24%. Diljot Qawwali Group proceeded to the safe zone and Jidnesh replaced them to sit on the red chair.


Shreyasi Bhattacharjee


Shreyasi Bhattacharjee had to get 89% or more to be safe. She sang ‘Kay Sera Sera’ and managed to get only 81% of votes which meant she had to replace Jidnesh Vaze as he proceeded to the green zone with the other safe contestants.



The beatboxing trio, Raagdeep were up next as they needed to cross the 81% mark to stay in the competition. They sang 'Khwab Dekhe/Laung Gawacha’ but were not able to get past the target set by Shreyasi Bhattacharjee as they received 76% of votes. Raagdeep had to replace Shreyasi from the red chair, as a result.


Bannet Dosanjh (thumbnail)


The last performance of the night was crucial as it was going to determine who would be eliminated. Bannet Dosanjh had to get 77% or more to proceed to the safe zone. He rocked the stage as he sang ‘Dard E Disco’ and effortlessly crossed the target to get 94%, which was not only the highest of the night, but of all the top 16 performances this weekend. The experts were all praises for him.


In the end, Raagdeep was the band with the lowest percentage of votes and they had to say farewell to Rising Star last night.



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