Kasam: 5 Reasons why Rishi and Tanuja are having an eventful honeymoon!

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The drama continues to build up on Kasam this week as Raaj tries to increase the closeness between Rishi and Tanuja while Mallaika keeps plotting to keep them away. Despite Mallaika’s attempts to separate the two, Rishi and Tanuja end up getting closer every time. Here are 7 instances when Rishi and Tanuja get their moments of togetherness…




Rishi and Tanuja set off for the honeymoon in car.




Mallaika and Rano stealthily give sleeping pills to Rishi and Tanuja through a ‘Kaadha’ and as a result they miss their flight. But the plan backfires as Rishi and Tanuja leave in the car.


Rishi bumps the car into a tree.




Rishi ends up hitting into a tree and the car breaks down. Tanuja takes a lift from a truck driver without Rishi and lands in a big trouble with the driver. Later on Rishi saves Tanuja but also reprimands her for being so adventurous.


Rishi and Tanuja reach a Haveli on their way.




Rishi and Tanuja reach a Haveli. Tanuja scares Rishi and then Rishi also scares her in turn. Tanuja gets rather afraid and that melts Rishi. He promises a scared Tanuja that he will always be there to protect her.


Mallaika reaches Mount Abu.




With Rano’s help, Mallaika leaves for Mount Abu to create problems between Rishi and Tanuja. Raaj tries to stop her but in vain. Meanwhile, Rishi and Tanuja take lift from a Parsi lady and reach the resort too. When Mallaika reaches, Tanuja is in Rishi’s arms. An upset Mallaika says nasty things to Tanuja making her emotional.


Tanuja dances with a random guy out of jealousy.




Tanuja feels jealous that Mallaika is also present in Mount Abu. She is upset and so she dances with an unknown guy who begins troubling her. Rishi saves her yet again but this time harshly scolds her for her rash behavior. Tanuja leaves the ballroom, teary eyed. Rishi and Tanuja end up getting into an argument.

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