"Karma will be my only policy" - Shani before 'Nav Grah Yuddh.'

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Currently the plot of ‘Shani’ is at a very crucial point wherein lord Vishu briefs the nine planets ( Nav Grah) about the rules that need to be followed before the battle begins amongst them.





Vishnu also tells them about ‘Kundli’ (horoscope) of a person/universe that determines the future or the fortune of the person/universe. When each planet takes its position in one of the given twelve houses on the kundli, what good and bad happens to the person as per the nature of the planet is known, also how one needs to fight in order to defeat the other is very important.





Every planet is seen all ready to win this battle thinking and planning their own strategies.


Amidst all of this Indra advices Yam and Mangal to only focus on Shani during this battle and nobody else. On the other hand Shani’s maternal grandfather lord Vishwakarma asks Shani to only ensure Mangal’s defeat in this battle but Shani thinks otherwise.





Shani says strategies are made if there is a single opponent, here every one (other planets) is his competitor hence he will do only that which he would feel is right at that point in time, whether that is fighting with one or all of them together. He further goes on to say that he would also have no plannings and tricks to win this battle rather ‘karma’ will be his only policy in this.


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Shukracharya still tries to make Shani understand that he should learn to face the enemy; in response Shani says he anyways doesn’t have any friends and groups that he is part of, and more importantly only his duties and ‘karma’ matter to him.



This Nav Grah battle is going to be super exciting!


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