Karishma's cry and plea go unheard for Renee

posted by Admin, last updated on November 26th, 2014 at 5:21 pm

As I share this I actually can't believe the rigidity that Renee showed during the task. I am fuming in anger! It all began with Karishma’s turn in the app room. She got an option which no one could refuse to - A long awaited wish to talk to her mom. Not only this, but Bigg Boss gave her an option to meet her mother in person. Woah!! Now this one was well deserving for KT, who has often gone emotional requesting Big Boss to make her talk to her mother for almost a month now. Just like Gauti, Tanna could see her mother and was completely dumb founded. So much so that she broke down. It was a quite touchy moment. But just then, she was told that since the battery was low, she had to convince Renee to color her hair only then she could meet her mother.


The Living room also showcased Karishma’s mother weeping and longing to see her daughter. Everyone’s eyes went watery looking at the sight. In fact Renee too weept, but she tried to remain firm as much as she could. Now was the time to convince her and Karishma tried her level best and Renee could sense her feelings too but of no help! After being a little pressurized, Renee got agitated and said she is going ahead to color her hair and she should meet her mother asap. She in agony even tore her father’s picture putting everyone in shock.


Anyway, one thing got clear that Karishma at least received her makeup back during all this. But how? Did Renee color her hair in the end? Did Karishma get to meet her mother ?


Catch in tonight’s episode!


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