Karishma tries to change Dimpy's perception about Gautam, while Sambhavana unveils Ali's real face!

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Karishma and Dimpy were found slowly chit chatting as the latter remembered why she supported Gautam when she entered the house and found him being sidelined by all. She went on saying that she genuinely felt Gautam was in dire need of some support and when she found his own so called good friends, Pritam and Praneet turn their backs against him she felt bad for him. Because, she was watching him also as a viewer and could judge right from wrong. When Karishma questioned him why she supported him even during captaincy task wherein they had to hold the captaincy ring? Dimpy replied saying that because he was being backstabbed by all of them and at that point in time she stood by his side like a friend, although right now they both don’t share a good relation.


All this while Karishma’s duty was to keep prompting Dimpy and trying to coax her into admitting that even by supporting Gautam at that point in time she was wrong because she didn’t know him that well and it was them, the old contestants, who knew who the real Gautam was! I could see the desperation on KT’s face to influence Dimpy and trying her level best to convince her that whatever she did was absolutely wrong and so was her perception about him. But Dimpy remained unaffected and I liked that thing about her that she didn’t waver or repent on her understanding. Now that’s when she acts wise!


In another instance, I was Gautam expressing his pain to Mahek during the initial days in the house, where everyone treated him like a villain and how people reacted when he asked them to play Dil se! He went on saying that initially he thought he would win their hearts with love but then later he realized people weren’t as simple as they looked like and that was the time when he started taking stand for himself by backing out. He said he was all alone and wanted to protect himself and fight for his rights. Proceeding further, the two discussed how Ali was multi-facted, as Sambhavna said that she knew how rude and arrogant Ali is outside the house, mentioning about his behavior with gym trainers projects a complete different personality .So they all know that Ali is actually pretending to be all goody-goody!


Let’s hope the week doesn’t break out another rage between these!


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