Karishma to make Jacqueline cry

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on September 7th, 2016 at 11:06 am

What happens when a girl coming from a conservative family decides to get into the entertainment industry and finds no support from her father? She has to wage through several battles alone and find a friend to share her sorrows within herself. 


Karishma Tanna, who will be seen performing on the Family Special of JDJ9 this week, will tell us the story of this girl. This performance is really close to her heart and she brilliantly invokes emotions through this act. Her performance will leave Jacqueline moist eyed. 




From finding no support for her career in her father, to losing him really soon, she leans on her mom, her sole pillar of great strength in life. A story of grief and gratitude combined into one.


Watch her emotionally captivating act only on JDJ9, Saturday at 10PM!

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