Karishma tells Sonali begs for clothes!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 10th, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Ever since Karishma received strict warning from Big Boss to take her captaincy seriously and punish the housemates in case they are being undisciplined in any way, Karishma has taken it quite literally! 


As she did rounds to supervise the task, she noticed Sonali not wearing her mic. Karishma immediately asked her to wear the same but Sonali was too busy getting decked up. After sometime KT saw her again and asked her to wear the mic, but Sonali didn’t pay much attention to it. After some time, when Karishma found her without the mic, the whole thing got on her nerves and she started firing Sonali. And, our otherwise carefree Sonali backfired asking her to talk properly.


This got so bitter and petty that Karishma ruthlessly commented on Sonali for her nature of asking for clothes and cosmetics every now and then.Sonali replied saying that was none of her business putting her nose into something that wasn’t related to her, but KT said she was one of those whom she always came upto asking for things and next time she wouldn't entertain. Oh my God! Aakhir bhadaas nikaal hi di Karishma! Waah! Sonali evergreen in her blunt tone said “Main kisi ke bhi paas jaaungi magar tumhaare paas nahi”.


Well, well I think KT was too mean to Sonali while Sonali was really immature. Aah! Such is my life, full of gossips, catfights and more...



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