Karishma Tanna feels she is being targetted in the house!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 18th, 2015 at 11:44 am

I believe this season Karishma has been the most favorite contestant of our hosts; be it Salman or Farah.Whether it comes to grilling, making someone answerable, becoming the villain, judging or instigating, Karishma is always the first name that comes to anyone's mind. And why not? Intentionally or unintentionally, Karishma's actions make things go against her. But, as the days are passing by, Karishma is getting fed up of listening to all of this. Immediately after the Saturday episode, Karishma tucked herself into her blanket as if almost tired of being always in the spotlight. It was then that Upen, who never leaves her alone, went upto her to comfort her. Karishma went on saying that she is unnecessarily being targeted all the time even when she genuinely believes in things. She looked a little disturbed, but Upen like a good friend should, kept on talking to her so that she could feel a little better. 


While making efforts to encourage her, he also said that unlike last time when she broke down over Salman's joke, this time she held her strong and everyone went against her. In the parallel conversation, Gautam was discussing with Mahek and Pritam that people should keep promises especially then when they have somebody's trust and they takes them into confidence. Dimpy also expressed her shock on how Karishma changed her stance as a Chameleon changes colors by involving someone else’s name to escape from a situation.Gauatm concluded saying that Karishma was the biggest gamer in the house.


Until a few days back Karishma and Dimpy were good friends but now it looks like it’s only about the game and winning. I only wish for the best contender to win! 



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