Karishma likes to keep it traditional!

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The topic started between Upen, Karishma and Ali in which Upen asked that what if he wanted to take Karishma on a date would she mind? Karishma answered saying she can go out with a friend but not on a date! To this Ali and Upen started mocking her saying she didn’t know what the real meaning of a date was and that a date didn’t necessarily mean only two lovers to go out !


It was a general view in her case,she said she wouldn’t like going out with anybody if her boyfriend didn’t like the idea. Ali and Upen made fun of her even more! According to them she highly misunderstood the phrase! Upen felt hurt by her ‘No’ as he thought they are such good friends.

To prove Karishma wrong, Ali asked Dimpy would she mind if he asked her for a date? Dimpy said she would be cool with the idea and wouldn’t mind.So three people thought alike in the room!


Ali and Upen went on saying that the relations are based on trust, and the focus should be on the trust and nothing else. Who would imagine the girl who is so vocal about her rights and justice thinks the other way round when it comes to maintaining fidelity and loyalty? But a date is just a date Karish!


Do you also feel the same about the concept of dating? Who are you taking out this New Years? Teehee!


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