'Karishma is not selfish but possessive'

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She wished to meet her daughter atleast once when she went all the way to the Bigg Boss house but because of the tactics of some housemates Jasmina Tanna, Karishma's mother couldn't meet her. She could only see her cry and that broke her heart more. But now she sees one more opportunity to meet Karishma as its her birthday on 21st December. In conversation with Jasmina Tanna as she talks about her daughter's make up obsession, her friendship with Diandra and more.
Firstly, Karishma got an injury recently you must be worried right?
Yes I was. Then I called up the production house and got to know that she is fine now. Though i am still worried because she has got stitches. But I know she is a  brave girl.
There was lots said about Karishma being selfish because of the 'make up' issue. What do you have to say about your daughter's decision to choose make up over a housemate?
I wouldn't say she was selfish but yes she is possessive about her things. At home also we have to be very careful before touching her things. She doesn't like it at all. Also everyone has their own liking and possessions and it is makeup for her. I don't think it's wrong.
Karishma has been friends with Diandra from  beginning. Do you think they are drifting away now?
Yes, i think they are. Diandra is getting involved with Gautam now and because of him she has started spending more time with Gautam's friends in the house and all Gautam's friends including him are against Karishma but I don't think its a major concern. My Karishma is a strong girl.
Many housemates have been against Karishma. Do you think they have been unfair and rude to her?
Karishma is upfront and blunt and thats why they don't like her that much. Everyone else is very diplomatic and they are also playing the same way but it's just that they do it behind their back and Karishma does it on the face.
Apart from Karishma which other housemate you like and dislike?
I like Sonali. She is very innocent although she doesn't get along well with Karishma but I like her. i wish they sort their differences. I don't like Puneet at all. He is playing a very bad game.
How has your family been reacting to Karishma's stay in the Bigg Boss house?
Everyone likes Karishma and the way she is holding herself. She won a task also recently and looks like everything is turning positive for her.
It's her birthday on 21st so any plans?


I just wish that i get to meet her. Last time I couldn't and I saw her crying. I would want to meet her and take some of favorite foods along. 

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