Karishma in the Katghada for this Weekend ka Halla Bol!

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Farah came singing ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche’  hinting at the lovy- dovy couple in the house.You won’t believe Karishma and Upen looked little nervous to face Farah. Apparently, more worried  if their Kiss ka Kissa was aired on national TV.


Moving onto Rahul, Farah asked if he won the show, whom would he love to give the prize amount to in the house? Rahul without thinking much said he would give the amount to Pritam as he was about to have his second baby. Pritam definitely felt overwhelmed. Going further on the happenings during the week, Farah asked Gullu how did he feel by not being nominated by those who had always been nominating him till recently, to which Gauti expressed his surprise. Rahul commented sarcastically that those people who didn’t talk to him even for 7 minutes chose to save him and that was weird. Listening to this Ali, Karishma, Pritam and Dimpy stood against Rahul saying that was a wrong notion! Finally, the most awaited moment arrived, as the housemates were dying to see Karishma inside the Katghada. Once Karishma was in the spotlight, Farha asked her questions which were in everyone’s mind like why did she take stand against Rahul only after Upen came back? And, why did she bring out Dimpy’s personal stories on national television? Karishma actually felt trapped. Farah in a very strict tone said that everyone in the house was responsible for his or her own character and nobody could blame anyone that someone’s image was being tarnished because of somebody else and it was kind of a directly pointed to Karishma!


Farah asked Karishma that if she said that she was just playing the task while she fired Rahul then why did she say she felt relieved post she hung up the phone, when she should have been upset that despite her best try Rahul didn’t hang up? Now that clearly projected that Karishma wasn’t into the task but taking her personal bhadaas out! Trust me, that was best part which you shouldn’t miss! When Rahul got defended this way, he actually turned red and got overwhelmed. Aww! I actually felt bad for him. All the housemates condemned Karishma’s act and Dimpy truly took the responsibility of Rahul’s insult saying that because she got emotional she spoke about sensitive things with people around and when after a long time Rahul came in the house with fresh energy she was still emotional and attached about things from past hence she didn’t like him flirting around.


At least Rahul’s patience and courage to face it all rewarded him in the end. Great!


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