Karishma gets an Idea, Gautam refuses to be a part of it!

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Almost close to the completion of 24 hours of sitting on the chair hijacked, and idea struck Karishma.  The moment she found nobody around them, she secretly told Gautam that rather than sitting like this, until unlimited time span, both of them could get up together on a count of 3. This would make everything null and void. Gautam heard her out intently but refused to be a part of her scheme. He must have thought this to be a ‘Gehri chaal’ that KT was up with *Heehee* Who knows what was going inside her mind? Iam sure she wouldn’t befriend Gautam just like that.


Well, post that KT had no option but to sit. My khabri antennas know that nobody else but the two, for each other were only reasons behind their motivation to stay on a little more. Because whatever we see today, had actually begun from the day this task was launched. In fact Gautam had stated, “Iss Kursi se kaafi puraani yaadein judi hain”



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