Karishma fights with Gautam but remembers Sonali!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 14th, 2015 at 10:58 am

It would be weird now if we don’t have a new story about Karishma-Gautam fight in the house every two days. Looks like fighting regularly is the ground rule for their existence in  the house. Just kidding! Capt. Karishma was slightly irritated on Gautam this morning as some duties given to him were not done appropriately. Gauatm being Gautam and quite a pro at all of this gave answer clarifying things from his end. Sometimes, people just don’t get along anyway! And this duo has certainly maintained the benchmark.

Later, I saw Upen and KT talking about their friend Sonali, who was unique in her very own way, while giving her introduction to the new Housemates. They went on saying that she could balance her good and bad habits in her own style. She never bitched but never bothered to wash her clothes too! Tried a love angle with Upen and Gautam both but still remained single! Spoke of her creepy experiences in the house which nobody else did. She was weird but lovable too! They were still on the topiv when Bigg Boss announced the second round of the Call Center task wherein the challengers would now be the employees while the champions would be the challenging callers all set to get onto the nerves of the targeted persons!


Kisski bajegi band? Will somebody drop the call midway tonight?


Catch the second day of the task!


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