Karishma breaks down in the task

posted by Admin, last updated on October 14th, 2014 at 2:21 pm

She is cool, she is bold, she is brazen and just like Ms Khabri she is smart!
But just because she is all this that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a heart and she can’t cry. Khabri is talking about Karishma Tanna. While doing the Superhero and Villain task, Karishma was in tears as she spoke to Praneet and Puneet.  She came up to them and apologized for anything bad she has ever done in the house! While talking to Puneet she got emotional and couldn’t stop her tears. Now, whether her tears were genuine or were a part of her strategy to get Puneet on her side, we don’t know. 
Praneet later on was heard telling Puneet that Karishma was faking it and was just trying to get sympathy. If the tears were genuine , my darling Karishma it is a very sweet gesture on your part to apologize and if they were part of the strategy then Ms Khabri appreciates you for your tactics *wink*
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