Karishma becomes the captain as Pritam gives up the task!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 9th, 2015 at 2:27 pm

Bigg Boss called out everyone to give details about the next captaincy challenge. Pritam was told to discuss with his team and decide one name from his team to stand as a competitor for the captaincy challenge. 

A few moments later when they all were asked to gather, Pritam declared that he would be the one to stand as a contender from team Champions. Same time Bigg Boss gave some more time to Challengers to think of a name to be Pritam's competitor but from the Champions team only! 

After a lot of Vichaar-Vimarsh the challengers decided Karishma to stand against Pritam. Considering a man and a woman to be equal the decision was made.

The captaincy challenge was for the two to become spiders for some given time until one fell from the cobweb making other a winner! To be more precise, the activity area had a cobweb model setup,the two were asked to hang in a way wherein their backs faced the ground, entangling their limbs on the strings of the cobweb and whoever hung for the longer period would win the task. As the two competitors hung themselves down, the cobweb moved randomly making it difficult for them to balance their weight. However, the two continued with firm grips. But what happened suddenly took me by a shock!  Pritam called it quits in between!  He felt nauseous. The sight looked nothing short of an adventure park and the cobweb definitely some ride!


Karishma was declared the winner of the task and ended up becoming this week’s captain!


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