Karishma and Upen can't live without each other!

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We have seen by now that even though Karishma hasn't given a vocal yes to Upen saying she has same feelings for him but she isn't denying her fondness too.The housemates are equally curious to know what's going on inside her mind . Earlier, when the duo moved together and used to hang around with each other it was okay as they thought they shared a great bond and were best of buddies but things look quite obvious now. Especially, when just like newly fallen in love teenagers the two never leave each other alone and are always found hand in hand. Now this makes the housemates wonder if at all KT is serious too! As till date she has been giving only vague answers.


Later, Mahek was seen asking Upen upfront whether  he  truly loved Karishma, and Upen gave a frank answer that genuinely he feels for her and isn't ashamed to express his love for her . And not just that, Karishma has known this since long as for past two days Upen has openly being proposing her.


I also saw how the two relaxing in the garden area and then suddenly when Karishma had to go inside, Upen didn't let her walk but lifted her in way wherein her feet didn't touch the ground. And looking at this the rest of the housemates went dumbstruck as in what was going on!!


The way things are progressing between the couple says a lot.I am just awaiting the moment when Karishma finally speaks out the truth. Will she? Will she not? 


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