Karishma and Sonali feel the wardrobe blues

posted by Admin, last updated on January 3rd, 2015 at 3:22 pm

So the two girls Karishma and Sonali weren't happy with their look for the Weekend ka Vaar episode! Whenever it's about meeting Mr.Khan the ladies in the house try to look the prettiest! But this morning I found Sonali and Karishma literally frowning over whay they're going to wear.


Apparently Karishma's hair curler gave up on her and we all know how KT just can't do without it! You would most of the times find her experimenting with her hair and right when she actually needed it the most, the curler stopped working.

Whereas Sonali was seen bitterly crying! She was actually nervous because although she had a nice outfit and beautiful accessories to go with it she was secretly hoping an expert to come to her rescue and help her get ready! One moment she just decided she would stay in her nightwear even though it was the Finale night! Aing?! These girls need a real chill pill! 


I'm sure when Salman says Hi from ME TV these girls will be too busy to remember how they look! *Teehee*


Catch the biggest Finale ka Twist with Salman tonight!


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