Karishma and Ali take a stand for Dimpy

posted by Admin, last updated on January 9th, 2015 at 3:58 pm

Karishma has been truly acting like a good friend to Dimpy. Also considering the fact that Dimpy is the only one who has been listening to all the dukhda KT has to share ever since Oopi left the house, KT has always reached out to support the bong beauty.


It was a bad day for Dimpy when everyone turned their back towards her, but Karishma and Ali chose to be with their dear friend at the time of need. Dimpy, though indirectly, also shared how envious she was with KT saying how Rahul was flirting around with her. Karishma, who is known to be very particular about things like this, told her not to worry at all. Karishma ensured Dimpy that even if Rahul flirted with her or expressed things, she would take things lightly just because Dimpy was around. Otherwise, we all know how capable Karishma is to give a clear cut answer to stop right away if at all Dimpy didn’t like. Now that’s nice on both their parts. One being honest and another being understanding. That’s what is all about being good friends right?


Ali too came to console his friend Dimpy and tried to tell her things that could calm her down. Now I still don’t understand this duo’s relationship? Ali even asked her to leave the house if at all she was feeling uncomfortable.


What does Dimpy have in mind? Will she take revenge or will she just stop reacting?


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