Karan assures Meghana that Naina will always remain safe

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A lot is happening in the story of ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’, recently we saw how Meghana tells Naina that it’s unbearable for her to see her sister in pain. Karan later comes and tells her that she should not worry because him and Naina are just good friends and they would never have a relation as husband and a wife. He makes a promise to Meghana that because he has a disease Naina will never have to suffer in anyway. Meghana takes a sigh of relief after listening to this.






Later, in the dining area Nand Kishore once again humiliates Nirmala after she accidently drops food on him. Meghana realizes the pain Nirmala has been going through all these years, and determines that she will do something good for her mother in law that brings her respect from her husband.






On the other hand in Bundi, chief minister reaches Sharda’s house and hands her over a report that has the details of the person who plotted against her in the past.






Can you guess what’s going to happen next?


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