Just two calls down and the house turns into a battle ground!

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The second call for the day was for Mahek from Sana! Sana was somehow holding a lot many things in her heart since yesterday when the nominations happened. And, like she had taken the feedback from Farah Khan that she was invisible in the house she thought she could make most of it through this call. She went on asking Mahek “Aapko nahi lagta aap kaafi mean ho? Aapne Pritam ko cheater bola ek task mein, magar mujhe choti behen bolkar dhoka diya? Mujhe aapne nominate kar diya?” So basically, Sana strongly felt that because they didn’t give her name for captaincy, Mahek took revenge during nominations by not just nominating Sana but also Sambhavna, whom she calls her a good friend! Mahek definitely looked trapped but tried giving the right answers for Sana’s obligations.


In fact, the call was dropped because Sana failed to provoke Mahek. Later, Sana was seen screaming in the kitchen about what she felt bad and Mahek in a way backstabbed her. This time, Sambhavna and Sana stood together as against to Mahek calling her selfish, who switched to Champions team. Sana was so furious that when Gautam intervened in between she told him,“Aap selective baatein sunte ho aur unpar decision base karte ho.” Now this made Gautam very angry and he left the place! Just a few seconds later there was a massacre in the house. There was a war of words and the house was divided into groups. On one side I saw Ali-Gautam teasing each other and the other chunk of people just yelled at each other on Sana-Mahek matter.


Total Shaanti-Bhang moment, you got to watch this!


But if this is the way task proceeds without anyone getting defeated how far will the task go?


Stay tuned if you want to know more!


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