'Judgement' goes simultaneously with 'Hijack' Task

posted by Admin, last updated on December 18th, 2014 at 3:21 pm

While Gautam and Karishma stayed on to win the Hijack task, Bigg Boss announced everyone to come inside except Gauti and KT. It was the judgement day! Two important decisions to be made by the captain of the house one good other bad for two different individuals. Bigg Boss immediately asked Dimpy, whom she wanted to reward giving proper reasoning. Dimpy said she wanted to reward Puneet ji because he had been really working hard whole week especially ever since the tasks took off, that too without begrudging. Hence, as per reward Puneet was called inside the confession room to watch the videos of the co-housemates as to what they felt and said about him. Though Puneet said he was quite aware about it all, still the visuals apparently gave him some surprises if not many. He then shared about the same with the housemates and expressed that he was actually prepared what he was about to watch.Oh really??


Second segment of the Judgement day was for Dimpy to decide who was the one whom she wanted to punish.Without putting much thoughts she said ‘Upen’ as she had some or the other tiffs with him recently. As his punishment, Upen got loads of charcoal and he was required to paint with paint brushes (one at a time) provided in the punishment room.Upen diligently got involved and finished the task with full sincerity!



Watch the Judgement day special tonight @ 9 pm!


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