It's Upen Vs Gautam in Big Boss House!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 16th, 2014 at 11:39 am

These boys aren’t in a mood to give up standing against each other. Looks like Upen has forgotten his favourite phrase- ‘Cool Down’. It all started early in the morning when the duo got into a big spat and it appeared that Upen threatened Gautam that he would punch him right on his face if he exceeded further. Gautam being no less stood adamant asking him to come and hit him as hard as he could but Ali intervened and said that Upen wouldn’t do anything as such. Irritated Gautam, then warned Ali that if anything happened he would not leave Ali for that and then nobody should blame him.

Seeing the two so staunch about their statements, Big Boss called them inside, tried and hinted them to stop any kind of provocation that lead to Hinsa. They were told to be  mature knowing very well what it meant to violate rules and what could it further aggravate to. Also, Bigg Boss reminded them that they had been repeatedly warned and still had a chance to back off! All Upen could say was a yes, but he preferred walking out.

Such is the tiff between the two! It is very difficult to say when and how will they resolve their personal differences.



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