Its raining Brides and Grooms on Colors

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Saumya’s wedding preps have begun in full swing and we can get all the taste and feel of a traditional Punjabi  shaadi; the dholak bajana and haldi ki rasmein; the friends teasing the groom; the initial jitters of being a bride and entering a new family. Saumya’s life is quite a tale of ups and downs. Will this marriage also end up being an ‘agni pariksha’ for her?


Even after the varmalas have been exchanged, Rishi has managed to elope along with Tanvi from the wedding. Tanvi has been tight lipped about her love for Rishi. However he is aware that she loves him. But what about the ones that have been left back at the mandap? How will Pawan and Tanu, who were to get married to Tanvi and Rishi respectively take this news? Will destiny route Rishi and Tanvi back to one another or fate has some other plans? Will their love win against all the odds?


The shuttle between Dhruv and Bihaan is making Thapki’s wedding a tug of war. While Dhruv has all the intentions to dim Thapki and Bihaan’s chemistry, little does he know that they already share a deep affection for one another. Despite his consistent his efforts,Thapki’s love for Bihaan is always a step ahead. Will this deter Dhruv from all the planning and plotting or will he still proceed with ruining Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage?


Vivaan and Chakor’s love is facing trials and tribulations, due to her wedding with Sooraj. When on one hand Chakor’s sister Imli has her set of dilemma loaded onto her, Vivaan and her love is battling Sooraj’s evil efforts to not let them be together. Will the fearless Chakor succeed in seeking a divorce from this forced wedding and give a stern payback to Sooraj or will she choose to settle with him?

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