It's Gautam's Judgement day!

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It’s the judgement day, the day where Big Boss gives right to the reigning captain to choose one person eligible to replace him . So, as a ritual everyone took turns to campaign for themselves in front of Gautam followed by another ritual of dand for the contestant, who did not do the task properly.


Although, this happens every week, but what interested me more was the way they all approached and interacted with Gautam: trying to prove their worth and capabilities. Chalo! what’s more relieving is that at least something good started off in the house and they have started treating Gauti as a part of the family.  Nobody expressed their change of heart towards Gautam but Upen took the first initiative in being vocal about it. He didn’t hesitate in making the first move telling Gautam that he could see the same old Gautam back, who was seen as jovial and kind during the initial days of the show. Upen, who is quite reticent openly told him how it touched people’s heart during the last task when Gautam gave them his own food. So kind! Completely contradicting to the image of an actual Dictator. Looked like somewhere even Upen had forgiven him for past clashes.


I could sense the satisfaction reflecting on Gautam’s face. But who do you think will actually win Gautam’s heart in standing against Upen as a potential competitor for captaincy? Since a lot has been heard about him being unbiased,do you think he will fairly choose one of them?

Who in his eye will be well deserving for a punishment?


Catch the episode tonight.


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