It Takes Grit And Not Popularity To Bring a Change

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They say change is always good,

They say good things come in small packages,

They say never give up until you end up succeeding,

What if we can relate all these sayings to one little innocent soul who has always fought hardships like it’s her playground, who has taught the elders’ lessons they couldn’t learn or nobody could ever teach them in their entire lifespan… Chakor. 

Chakor is a living example of what a young little girl can do even if the society tries to stop her from doing so. Chakor is an inspiration to the coming generation and everybody else who always want to fight for the right and make changes for good. Chakor’s attitude to never give up on the hope of succeeding in what she thinks is right and fair is unconventional. The fighting spirit that Chakor holds within her to go for the win is something which every one of us can learn.

Chakor has always fought till with a positive attitude in every hurdle that has put her into a difficult situation let that be of her breaking the shackles and flying like a free bird or from fighting in favor of Bhaiya to win the election so that every child in the village gets education. Even after Ranjhana’s master plan against Bhaiyaji succeeded and Bhaiyaji had given up hishope to win the elections, Chakor didn’t give up and thought of all possible ways to prove that Ranjhana is fooling the villagers. As the saying goes, "it takes grit and not popularity to bring a change."


To see what change does  Chakor get into the life of the village children, keep watching Udann only on Colors!

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