It happened again! Gautam makes Diandra feel uneasy

posted by Admin, last updated on December 13th, 2014 at 2:46 pm

After playing a prank on all housemates, Diandra had a heart to - heart conversation with Dimpy on how uncomfortable and hurt she was feeling with Gautam’s flippant behaviour. Diandra was heard telling Dimpy that his behavior was making things more obvious for the housemates as well as the audiences. She feels like an adult Gautam should have talked it out. And they could have backed off in a proper fashion, not making this so abrupt which looks immature! Her point was also that with this sudden change in his behavior they both would be more in eyes of everyone thinking how the things were going bad to worse3 between them.


Dimpy after hearing all this suggested her to straightaway go and talk to Gautam. As Diandra approached him, he gave blunt responses that how concerned he was about for both and he didn’t want people to talk nonsensical things about them. He said he was concerned about her being a lady and most importantly for his mother who is the most important person for him! Diandra tried understanding him in every possible manner but felt distraught with his approach to handle the circumstances. She kept pointing out the weird manner in which he acted!


I guess this is how the rift emerged even the last time they tried to sort matters but rather became more estranged. God forbid anything as such happens this time!


Let’s hope for them to act wise and take a right decision by having a heart to heart dialogue!

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