Isse kehte hain torture-torture!

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The task introduced this week was called ‘Torture Cage’. Which was also exceptionally different from the rest of the tasks that have happened so far in the season. 

This task could actually decide who would win the 25 lacs Rupees, hung in the golden brief case in the garden area. Just the mention of that made everyone feel truly serious about the task.


The garden had a cage setup, wherein names of all the contestants had red and green lights below their names and the contestants were supposed to press the button which would flash the green light and in no case could leave the pressed button. Not even to attend nature's call! If the person moved his/her hand from the pressed button and the light turned red, that meant disqualification for him or her from the task. At the same time the person could convince others to leave the pressed button if they wanted. But the main catch was, if the person won from challengers team for example, the entire team would be called the winner of the task but during the finale if the contestant was from challengers only then he or she could take the prize amount Rs.50 lacs added with these 25 lacs.On the other hand if the current task winner was from champions as against to the season's winner for example from challengers,the 25 lacs would go to the person earned maximum votes from winning team and vice-versa. 


Guess what? Rahul gave up the task just in few minutes after it started off! But why?? Who were the next ones in queue?


Catch the episode to know who won the 25 lacs!


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