Ishwar Comes To Villager's Rescue! #Udaan

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on February 24th, 2015 at 11:40 am

This episode of Udann goes epic, where the good fights the evil when the corrupt cop from Sitapur threatens to harm the villagers and resort to violence upon the peaceful protesters if they don’t stop the ‘Satyagrah’. 

He is about to charge violence when a gunshot is heard and Ishwar makes a heroic entry. Ishwar and the corrupt cop are face to face and Ishwar tells him that this area is under his jurisdiction and shows him the exit. Kamal learns about this incident and makes his way to the place where Chakor's ‘Satyagrah’ is taking place. Ishwar and Kamal have a showdown wherein Kamal leaves warning Ishwar that he would be held responsible for handling the situation the way he did. Kamal now does something which is very cruel. He asks the zamindaars to send goons dressed as villagers to adulterate the crowd.

But, the cruelty doesn’t just stop here, Bhaiyaji handsover a gun to Manohar as he sees on television that Chakor's health is deteriorating. 

Will Manohar stop the Satyagrah at gun point? Will Chakor and Vivaan be able to cover up their deteriorating health? 

To find out what, keep watching Udann only on Colors!

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