Ishani walks barefeet to Siddhivinayak Temple to pray for Ranveer's life. #MATSH

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They say love is blind and unconditional, that is something which Ishani surely has realized now. Seeing Ranveer fight for his life in the hospital while Ishani was being blamed and was held responsible for his current condition by Amba, Ishani realizes she was always in love with Ranveer.

Ranveer is being treated in the hospital by the Doctors. Ranveer’s condition is critical and his body doesn’t respond, the whole family loses hope but Ishani still has faith that Ranveer can’t leave her and go like this. Ishani decides to walk barefeet to Siddhivinayak Temple. The place where prayers are heard, the place where faith and hope is turned into belief, the place where everyone gets whatever they ask for - Siddhivinayak Temple is where Ishani goes and prays to Lord Ganesha for Ranveer’s life.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital the doctors have given up hope on Ranveer coming back to life. Ranveer’s pulses drops down and body doesn’t respond. Ishani gets to know about this. Ishani runs back to the hospital from the temple but by the time she reaches to the hospital Ranveer’s body had given up. His heart had stopped beating. His pulses had no count. Ishani stands there looking at the love of her life Ranveer with the holi water which she got for Ranveer from Siddhivinayak Temple.

Will Ishani’s prayer be heard? Will Ishani get a chance to tell Ranveer that he is the love of her life? Will we see Ishani and Ranveer as the most loved couple?


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