Ishani trusts Ranvir? #MeriAashiqui

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Since their marriage Ishani and Ranvir have really struggled to keep up to their relationship. Most of the times Ranvir has seen a bitter Ishani but there have been some moments  where Ishani has given indications that she trusts Ranvir and she has developed the 'goody-goody' feelings for him. Let’s have a look at few such instances.



Ishani didn’t believe Chirag

When Chirag came back with a story against Ranvir claiming he tried to kidnapped him before their wedding, Ishani refused to believe him. Instead she decided to find truth herself



Disha’s Sagan

She paid respect to Ranvir’s father by asking him to do Disha’s Sagan as Baa wasn’t present there. Ranvir was happy and touched with Ishani’s gesture.



Stood for Ranvir

Disha’s friend decided to taunt and insult Ranvir by calling him a driver. Ishani came ahead and she took the charge of the situation and gave it back to Disha’s friends.



Ranvir saved Ishani’s brother

When Ishani’s brother got framed in a scam, Ranvir helped him to prove his innocence. Ishani realized that Ranvir has always helped her family to sail through problems





Ishani takes care of Ranvir’s likes and dislikes

Ishani has started wearing saris because Ranvir likes it. She feels uncomfortable in it and really doesn't know how to carry it, but she does it only for Ranvir.


We hope that Ranvir and Ishani come strong against Chirag and his plans and their relation gets much stronger.

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