Ishani to believe Chirag? #MeriAashiqui

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on December 9th, 2014 at 4:40 pm

She always stood in the storm by adjusting her sails and this time when she just thought she is reaching the shore Chirag is ready with another storm for her to blow her life.

Ishani has been firm on not believing and giving in to Chirag’s story against Ranvir. She straight away told Chirag that he is lying and that she has faith in Ranvir.  She even vowed to find out the truth.

 But soon Chirag will be successful in shaking off her trust!  He has a master plan in his head and he has decided that he will do everything to separate Ishani from Ranvir.

So it all started when Chirag came back to Ishani’s life with a new story that it was Ranvir who kidnapped him on the wedding day. Another shocking revelation which he made was about Ishani’s father Harshad. He told Ishani that Ranvir is the murderer of Harshad and he did all this to seek revenge and property. Ishani refused to believe him. But soon Chirag started planting fake proofs against Ranvir to trap him and he is still at it. In the coming days you will see a doctor who will in some way tell Ishani that Ranvir was present when Harshad was brought to the hospital and this will make Ishani rethink about Chirag’s words. Will she fall for Chirag’s fake story? Or will she stand by Ranvir and try find out about the truth?


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