Is this 'Happily Ever After' for Rishi and Tanuja on Kasam?

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on January 13th, 2017 at 11:39 am

Tanuja was close to exposing the vicious Mallaika but things didn’t go well for her. Rano who always wanted Rishi to marry her, tried to prove Tanuja wrong and sided with Mallaika. Shockingly, Rishi also agreed to marry Mallaika and Tanuja was completely left alone.




As it turned out to be, Rishi had planned everything to catch Mallaika red handed. He arranged for a fake marriage ceremony and made his friend sit for the wedding in his place. He had also signed fake papers of property to gain Mallaika’s confidence. Later on, after marriage when Mallaika and Shekhar showed their true colours, Rishi explained that the marriage was fake and so were the property papers. Rano realized her mistake and the Bedi family was glad that Rishi saved the situation.






Tanuja who was unaware of all this was extremely hurt as she thought Rishi had married Mallaika. He explained to her how Mallaika was exposed and also confessed that he actually loved her. Tanuja was in disbelief but soon gave in to Rishi’s sweet attempts to woo her.






Looks like Rishi and Tanuja have finally found the love that they had been yearning for. However, will this last forever or has fate planted another twist in this love story?

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