Is Saumya ready to face a grave loss in her life?

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on November 7th, 2016 at 7:23 pm

The perils in Saumya’s life haven’t ceased to exist. Her sister Surbhi and husband Harman have struggled relentlessly alongside her if not with her. Saumya who was abducted by the Kinnars wanted to set herself free from that environment at the earliest. Harman and Surbhi worked as a team to make sure this happened despite the extreme hurdles that met this plan of action. Harman took up the responsibility of getting Nimmi’s daughter back to her and even if he had to wage through terrible troubles for the same, he did it.




Harman and Saumya, both are very attached to each other. After bringing Saumya safely, Harman’s life awaited another challenge on the grounds of a promise made to his family. Harman agreed to tie a knot with Mahi and this came as a huge blow to Saumya. But her sister’s wedding preps led her to not get lost into the tangle of emotions. 




However Saumya wasn’t aware of the intense plotting by the kinnars who have abducted  her once again and intend on selling her off. During Surbhi’s marriage this event takes place and leaves everyone in complete shock. When Harman finds this out he loses his temper on Nimmi saying she is no good as a mother.






Both Surbhi and Harman once again set themselves in search for Saumya. Will they finally be able to trace Saumya? Will Nimmi be able to deal with the shock of losing her daughter once more? Keep watching Shakti Mon- Fri- 8PM!

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