Is it the end of Gautam and Diandra's Friendship? Synopsis, Day 81

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After the most happening party in the Bigg Boss a new day starts with contestants waking up to the tunes of 90’s super hit song ‘Main Khiladi tu Anari’.

In the morning one sees Gautam looking for an opportunity to talk to Diandra as he has been upset with the comments and conversations amongst party guests about his relationship with Diandra. Gautam finally finds a chance to talk to Diandra stating that they needed to maintain a distance between themselves as it’s giving out a wrong signal to the spectators. Diandra is taken aback by this stance of Gautam. Gautam further goes on to mention that Sambhavna Seth told him in the party that his mom is upset with him as she thinks he is in a relationship with Diandra, which is not true. Diandra looks irritated but does not react. She just states that it is getting complicated so let’s just forget it and goes cold towards Gautam.

In the afternoon, with the judgment day task launch, Karishma was seen making some significant decisions related to giving advantage to few and punishment for one. The punished contestant will be directly nominated for the following week’s elimination.

In the evening, Bigg Boss launches the OPPO Smartphone task where the housemates are divided into three groups. They are asked to recreate the memories of the house in the form of a photo story with the three OPPO phones provided to them. Team (1) Praneet, Gautam and Dimpy enact the scene where one person tried to run away from the house. Team (2) Pritam, Diandra and Upen, will re-create the memories where one person was upset over her make-up being taken away. Team (3) Ali, Sonali and Puneet clicked the scene where one person was the dictator of the house. All three photo-stories are shown to the contestants on their television screen and Karishma is given the responsibility to decide the winner.

Who will win and who will lose? Who will have an advantage and who will be put under the radar? What is the fate of Diandra and Gautam’s friendship? We will have to wait and watch. But to get the entire scoop, tune into tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss Season 8 at9PM on COLORS.

To know it all, keep watching Bigg Boss Season 8, every day at 9PM, only on COLORS.

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