Interesting Quotes By Our Experts

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Diljit Dosanjh – “Oh, I am a big shopaholic. I can shop endlessly at any mall at any place in the world and would never feel tired. I like to explore different kinds of clothing and decide which one works and suits me the best. Even my mom scolds me sometimes for collecting so many clothes. I love to go to a mall. For me, stepping into a mall is like stepping on to the moon! “




Monali Thakur – “ I never thought of a career in acting until the time people started encouraging me. Till that time I was content with my singing. But when the encouragement started pouring in, I thought, why not? I started working towards it”




Shankar Mahadevan – “The risk in an art form — becoming successful — is much more than a risk involved in a business because I think in business you can have certain statistics. You can have certain pre-calculations based on graphs and calculations and statistics. You can judge whether you will be able to at least achieve this much or no.”

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