Inside Scoop: What suddenly made Karishma appreciate Natasa, Sukirti and Soni!

posted by Admin, last updated on October 1st, 2014 at 11:27 am

Sometime back Soni, Sukirti and Natasa were seen discussing that how Karishma changed in a day after winning the task. But suddenly, during lunch Karishma exactly did what Soni, Natasa and Sukirti had discussed! She specifically took Sukirti, Soni and Natasa's name and appreciated them for taking a stand for her. The issue resolved then and there.

But actually it was Puneet who had conveyed the entire story of how "Soni, Natasa and Sukirti are feeling hurt" to Karishma and the housemates in the new house. He also told them not to convey that he passed on the information!

Will Puneet be able to maintain peace and love in the Bigg Boss house?

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