Inside Scoop: Housemates stand by Karishma, deny to do the task!

posted by Admin, last updated on September 29th, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Housemates have denied doing Hijack task today in support of Karishma. After Gautam abused Karishma in yesterday's task the atmosphere in the house is very disturbed and housemates are in a state of shock. 

Despite being disturbed they are trying their best to stand together. They want Bigg Boss to take a decision over Gautam's behaviour first. For that matter, they are ready to stay in the aircraft and are not interested to shift in the new house!

Karishma was heard saying, "I want a fair decision. I am not doing the task, bhaad mein jaye sab!"

What's going to happen next, stay tuned to Bigg Boss 8 at 9 pm only on Colors!

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