Inquilab Zindabad! Synopsis, Day 59

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When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. Day 59 in the Bigg Boss house revolves around this idea as dictator Gautam’s praja prepares to deal with the grief that has been meted out against them.

After ruling Gautam City for a day, dictator Gautam is in completely taken over by the ‘no-nonsense’ mood. Gautam wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to look around every corner of the Bigg Boss house in search of any kind of indiscipline. Be it waking up the housemates at 4 in the morning to punish them or ask someone to make Elaichi Milk for him in the middle of the night, dictator Gautam does it all to make life difficult for his praja.

When the contestants finally wake up in the morning, they are no longer in the mood to be ruled upon. To relieve the contestants and the fire in their minds, Bigg Boss assigns the contestants a Secret Rebellion Task to give them an opportunity to overthrow the rule of their dictator. As a part of the tasks, the housemates have to lead a rebellion and complete four tasks which will bring them success. These four mini tasks are planting a microphone in Gautam’s royal chambers, lighting two flare bombs in the chamber, defacing all of Gautam’s posters which have been put up around the house, and breaking Gautam’s statue which has been put up in the garden area. The biggest challenge for the contestants, though, is to complete this task without Gautam’s knowledge!

Once Praneet informs the contestants about this secret task, the contestants unite while leaving behind their differences to create a movement which takes Gautam and his royal guards by storm. Drama reaches an all-time high as fake tears are shed and tempers flare with a hidden smirk but the contestants charge on with a previously unseen determination to do all it takes to successfully complete this luxury budget task.

But will the housemates be able to complete the task and overthrow Gautam? Or will they find themselves in the midst of yet another emotional knapsack where relationships perish and the task at hand remains unfinished?

To know it all, keep watching Bigg Boss Season 8, every day at 9.00 PM, only on COLORS!

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