Innocent Expressions of Nimboli that can make Hearts melt! #Balika Vadhu

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 11th, 2015 at 4:27 pm


Nimboli, in simple term, means sourness. But this little girl from ‘Balika Vadhu’ is just too sweet to be sour! She has started winning hearts already, and her gullible nature and cute expressions can make any one fall in love with her.

Here are some of her innocent looks which even the cameras couldn’t resist capturing.

1.She tells Mangala how she manages to be fine even while being harshly hit by her mother in-law and laughs it off.
no ma
2.Nimboli misses her mother from the bottom of her heart.
3.When she has to think twice even before having Laddoos...aww!!
shoe polish
4.She happily and joyfully does all her jobs always without ever complaining 
5. Things might hurt her but she knows how to move ahead wearing a smile on her face just like her mommy!
6.Nimboli,just like other chidren feels great joy in playing pranks! So what if it's her Beend!

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