India's Got Talent 7 : The season of India's got talent 7 has just begun and the competition has already become tough! Here's a look!

posted by Ruchi Acharya, last updated on May 9th, 2016 at 6:42 pm

So far in the last 2 weeks, there hasn't been one dull moment on India's Got Talent 7.Like the previous week, this week too was punched with never before seen acts. As much as we enjoyed watching the contestants put their best foot forward, the judges too seemed very upbeat about the various acts. We can't be partial to any one act because it would be rather unfair to call one better than the other, as there was so much diversity. However, there were a few acts that we thought are worth a mention. Here's our pick from the last week's performances.



Judges couldn’t take their eyes off Papai and Antara's graceful performance and worried all along about whether they could pull off the act or not. The two of them astounded the judges with their act and got a standing ovation for it! Papai and Antara became the first contestants on India's Got Talent 7 to get a Golden Buzzer from Malaika Arora Khan.


Atharv and Akash performance to the song 'chunar' was so fluid and poetic, that for one moment it even got us emotional. Their graceful performance took them to the next round.



Who said that talent had any boundaries or any limitations? And the performance by BXL proved that. The group narrated a story through their shadow act which was so beautiful and out-of-the-box that even the judges couldn’t hold onto their smiles and welcomed the group with a big hug!



Fast and the Furious, that's what Raj reminded us of. His act was fast and swift and on beat which made it spectacular and stunning at the same time. The judges praised Raj over and over again in the presence of his parents.



Genies might exist in fairy tales but on Sunday last week, it made an appearance on the India's Got Talent 7 stage. Dressed up like a blue genie, Aditya enthralled the audience with his little genie act. For someone as young as him, it was absolutely astounding to see him twist and turn like a professional contortionist. And we bet this talent of his is going to take him a long way.


His voice was truly god blessed. Rajiv sang a Punjabi song 'nit khair manga' and got the judges so emotional that he couldn't stop Kirron Kher from complimenting him over and over again on how wonderful and amazing his performance was. He made it through the next round.



This was the first time that the RB Rockers showcased their talent on stage. The band sung the song 'badtameez dil' and along with musical instruments, they even sung out the beats. Their performance which was a blend of rhythm,passion, dedication, devotion and hard work got a standing ovation from all the three judges for their stupendous performance!


Well, these were our favorite acts of the week. Which one did you enjoy the most? Do write on your comments below. Ciao for now! Hope to come back with more amazing performances next week. Till then ,stay tuned!

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