Incredible moments in which they nailed it! #IGT6

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Throughout previous seasons we have seen some talented individuals/groups who nailed it each time they came on stage. Here's a quick re-look at some mind boggling 'nailed it' moments!
1.   Tanya and Mukesh's balanced act – This moment was when judges couldn’t their eyes off Tanya's graceful trapeze act and worried if she would come down safely! But she and her husband amazed the judges with their balanced trapeze act and also got a standing ovation!
2.   5 years old’s flawless act – The little girl shows her exceptional balancing act on the rope. And seeing her perform so innocently brought tears to Kirron’s eyee, but the girl didn't flinch a bit and performed with perfection!
3.  Right on mark – The young girl surprised the judges with her Archery skills and did a spectacular job of hitting right on spot!
4.  Durga ‘The Godess’ –  A dramatic performance always makes for an interesting watch and in this act of ‘Killing Mahishasur’ by the Ocean Kids, gave everyone the goose bumps! This truly shows that it takes a lot of hard work to bring out the natural performance.
5.  Astonishing Shadow act – Silhouette Squad narrated a story through their shadow act which was so beautiful that even the judges couldn’t hold their smiles of joy and welcomed the group with a big hug!
Which act/performer from previous seasons nailed it for you and left a huge impression? Tell us in the comments below! 

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